Industrial demolition can be a very complex project and NCM is here to make sure your demolition project is done the right way. We use specialized equipment that maximizes safety, removes dangerous material and makes the demolition a little easier.

Our demolition crews are trained beyond the necessary safety and health training and are qualified to work with a wide range of materials. In the industrial demolition industry, there are a variety of serious health hazards such as dust, asbestos and other debris. Our staff use a variety of techniques to control and minimize these materials during an industrial demolition.

Building waste and debris after a demolition is not usually recycled properly, meaning it takes up a lot of space in our landfills. NCM will promises to dispose of demolition waste and debris the proper way by deconstructing building material that can be salvaged and reused, as well as sorting materials that can be recycled and diverting hazardous material to the proper facilities.

No building is too small or too large for NCM Demolition. We welcome all types of buildings even those that are structurally unsound. Examples of structures we have demolished are: factories, mills, plants and towers.

When you need industrial demolition services in Ottawa, we are the people to call. We will manage all aspects of your industrial demolition project and can be counted on to have experienced staff. Contact us to book your industrial demolition with us!