Are you renovating a part of your homeĀ or are you replacing it with a new construction build and need demolition services? NCM Demolition services can help you with your house demolition project.

Our team can help you with a variety of home demolition services, including taking down wood, concrete and steel. Home demolitions can usually vary from project to project, for that reason we offer a variety of services for our clients, however the most popular demolition methods are mechanical and deconstruction. Mechanical is the most basic and popular type of demolition, it uses specialized equipment and gives clients the option to try and save material from the project. Deconstruction is a good method to use if a client wants to salvage a good amount of material to recycle for something else.

We understand that home demolitions can be noisy, which is why we pride ourselves on planning and helping clients keep the project going. We suggest clients have good communication with their neighbours by letting them know about their demolition and more. We will make sure your demolition project is completed in a timely manner and the noisiest parts are done at an appropriate time of day in order to not anger neighbours.

Once the demolition is complete we will make sure all the materials and debris produced from your demolition will be recycled properly with the correct facility and landfills.

Contact us to see our availability and book your house demolition! We are here to serve the Ottawa and surrounding area with house demolition services.