Building related material and debris takes up a lot of space as waste in landfills in Ottawa. And a small percentage of this demolition debris is properly recycled. We are dedicated to changing the way construction and demolition debris is disposed. We want to increase the amount of debris that is recycled causing less to go to landfills where it does not belong.

Industrial, commercial and residential demolition can cause tons of material debris, which needs to be properly disposed of. NCM can help clients with this issue. To make sure this overflow of waste does not go to landfills, we perform the following:

  • Deconstruction – This will help save architectural elements like pipes, wiring, flooring, windows, appliances and more, in order for them to be recycled or reused.
  • Sorting – This will make sure materials are separated and sorted so that they are recycled correctly. The most common products that are sorted are concrete, metal and wood.
  • Reusing – Some materials can be reused on site directly. A great example of this is crushing concrete to be used as gravel where needed.
  • Diverting – Making sure harmful materials are disposed of properly is something we can help you with. We will make sure these materials are disposed of at the correct processing facilities.

Whether you did the demolition yourself or we took part in the demolition project, you can book services with us to have the debris and material removed from the construction site and disposed of or recycled properly. If you have a recent demolition project within the Ottawa or surrounding area we can help you clean up the area and have all debris removed. Contact us to book your next material disposal and recycling with us!