Are you looking for someone to help you with the destruction of a residential building? NCM Demolition Services can help you with your next building demolition. Residential building demolitions is one of our specialties. We use our expertise and precision tools to remove buildings such as apartments buildings, while being able to minimize the impact on the surrounding area. Whether you are renovating a structure or building an entirely new construction having us work with you will ensure your needs are met with our highest standards.

We offer a few different types of demolition methods, however the two most popular are mechanical and deconstruction. Mechanical demolition requires the use of special tools and equipment to maintain control over the materials being removed during the process. Deconstruction is a more green demolition method that allows clients to reuse and recycle the materials removed from the demolition for other needs.

As a lot of you know, demolition projects can be noisy, however NCM works hard to keep the peace amongst neighbourhoods when we are working on a project. We also take pride in our planning, as this can be a very important part of the project. We will asses a clients needs and create a custom demolition plan for you that maximizes safety and efficiency. This will help with determining costs, equipment needed for the amount of debris the demolition will produce.

We can help you take down any building, including wood, concrete and steel structures. We are proud to service the Ottawa and surrounding area with our demolition services. Contact us to book your next building demolition!